About ERA

Established in 2016, the “Educational Research Analysers” for Higher Education is a society registered under the government of India society acts (1973) with the aim of promoting scholarly inquiry and research in the field of education. The organization conducts various in-house activities such as workshops, training programs, and conferences, as well as outreach activities such as publishing journals and books. Its membership base of over 25,000 professionals includes faculty members, researchers, graduate students, and other distinguished experts in education research from various settings such as universities, research institutes, school systems, testing companies, and non-profit organizations. The members represent over 85 countries, with almost 1% residing outside India. Approximately 3,500 graduate students and 200 undergraduate students are part of the membership, and over 74% of the members report that education is their primary discipline. The remaining members come from disciplines such as engineering, medical, dental, psychology, statistics, sociology, history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, and political science.