Authors Guidelines

It is important for authors to thoroughly proofread and edit their papers before submission. Additionally, it is recommended to use the journal paper template to ensure efficient processing and publication. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to all authors. The All Projects accepts contributions in various categories.

The All Projects welcomes contributions in the following categories:

  • Original Research
  • Survey/Review Articles: Comprehensive reviews on scientific topics.
  • Fast Communications: Self-contained, short articles on ongoing research.
  • Technical Notes

To ensure a fast processing and publication, authors are advised to submit carefully proofread and polished papers prepared using the journal paper template. Acceptance or rejection notifications will be sent to all authors.

The submission guidelines for our publication require that papers be written in English and should not exceed 10 double-column pages using the MTech Projects format. Authors may add up to 5 additional pages. A template for the paper can be downloaded, and submissions should be in MS Word format with file extension .doc or .docx. The final manuscript will use the names of the authors as given in the submission. To submit your manuscript, please email it along with the Copyright Form to We also welcome extended versions of papers that have been previously published in conferences and/or journals.