Conference Management

Whether you’re hosting a board meeting for 35 people, a reception for 300, or a national conference for 3,000, we help you have a successful, stress-free, and rewarding event.

Conference management is much more than ordering audio-visual equipment and choosing a lunch menu. It is about effective planning, and analyzing the meeting environment in order to make sure it is appropriate for your event. It’s also about removing situational and environmental risks that could adversely affect your meeting.

Our approach is simple – we strive to exceed your expectations, and make you feel like a guest at your own event.

Because ERA has a successful track record of planning events for hundreds of notable organizations, we know what needs to be done before, during, and after each event. Our experience allows us to anticipate potential challenges and manage a successful outcome.

  • Audiovisual Coordination and Negotiation
  • Destination Coordination and Management
  • Food & Beverage Coordination and Negotiation
  • On-site Logistics Management
  • Guest Speaker Booking and Coordination
  • Exhibit Management