Research Working Area Assistance

Research Designing and Data Analysis Support

If you have a research question or concept in mind, our team of research professionals from diverse therapeutic areas and with expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, and data management can help you in designing the research and data analysis. Our team utilizes their skills to ensure that the study design is addressing the appropriate clinical questions. The following range of high quality scientific services is provided by our experts:

Research Study Designing

Refining your research idea

Examining the current literature

Getting your methodology right

Designing the methodology including survey forms

Data Analysis Support

Refining or data cleaning

Statistical analysis

Interpretation of the study data

Statistical Analysis


The success of clinical research relies on statistical interpretation of numerical data. Hence, effective collaboration between clinician and statistician is vital during data analysis. Our statistical consultants are with wider knowledge and experience in performing a variety of statistical methods, such as basic descriptive analyses, epidemiological analysis, correlation analysis, cluster analyses, factor analyses, multivariate analyses of variance, multiple regressions, logistic regressions, propensity score analyses, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), meta-analyses, structural equation modeling (SEM), etc.


The data-driven analytical services offered by our team strive to ensure the accuracy of results by using the best analysis techniques and computing software. Our biostatisticians help you in


Developing statistical analysis plans, generating tables and figures, and data coding.
Ensuring the accuracy, quality, and efficiency of the results.
Choosing the appropriate research design to answer your research questions.
Developing questionnaire for data collection and calculating various validity and reliability measures.