Research Working Area Assistance

Research Designing and Data Analysis Support

We have a team of research professionals who can assist you with designing research and data analysis for your research question or concept. Our team has expertise in various therapeutic areas, biostatistics, epidemiology, and data management. We ensure that the study design is relevant to the clinical questions you are addressing. Our team provides a range of scientific services of high quality, including:

  • Designing research studies
  • Refining research ideas
  • Literature review
  • Developing appropriate methodologies
  • Designing survey forms
  • Providing support for data analysis
  • Data refinement and cleaning
  • Conducting statistical analysis
  • Interpreting study data
  • Statistical analysis services.

The accurate interpretation of numerical data is crucial to the success of clinical research. Collaboration between clinicians and statisticians is therefore essential during the data analysis phase. Our team of statistical consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in various statistical methods, including but not limited to basic descriptive analyses, correlation analysis, multivariate analyses of variance, logistic regressions, and meta-analyses.

We offer data-driven analytical services that prioritize accuracy by utilizing the most effective analysis techniques and software. Our biostatisticians are available to assist you with:

  • Creating statistical analysis plans, coding data, and producing tables and figures.
  • Ensuring precise, high-quality, and efficient results.
  • Selecting the suitable research design to address your inquiries.
  • Formulating surveys for data collection and computing various measures of reliability and validity.


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  • Humanities
  • Management
  • Medical
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  • Hindi