Thesis & Journals

ERA Research provides consultation and mentoring services for scholars in India pursuing PhD, Mtech, MBA, and other disciplines. With a team of over 400 experts in various fields, they offer specialized and comprehensive services to ensure timely submission of high-quality thesis documents. Their services include idea generation modules, domain knowledge expertise, and collaboration with subject matter experts, academic writers, research editors, peer review teams, and statisticians. By building a relationship of trust with their clients, ERA Research is able to offer cost-efficient solutions to the numerous challenges faced by scholars during their research process. As Marcel Achard said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

We provide comprehensive PhD/Mtech/MBA/All Disciplines consultation services for diverse academic fields. Our package includes assistance with:

  • Choosing a research topic
  • Developing a thesis proposal
  • Selecting appropriate research methodology
  • Identifying data sources and collection methods
  • Statistical analysis and consultation on analytical tools
  • Guidance on writing results and conclusions
  • Thesis editing services
  • Preparing presentations for thesis defense

At our consultation service, we prioritize ethical assistance to scholars. We do not aim to provide a pre-written thesis but rather support the creation of an original work that reflects the scholar’s understanding of the subject. We engage in interactive problem-solving and offer suggestions to improve the quality of the thesis.

Our research team covers a broad range of topics including Vlsi, Ns2, Matlab, Big Data, Communications, Accounting & Finance, Management, Social Sciences, Literature, Law, and Engineering. Our services are flexible and tailored to meet the specific needs of each scholar. We have a range of plans and packages to choose from, with the minimum consultation program lasting for three months and the longest for 12 months. We also offer custom thesis support services, where we provide assistance and completion for a specific part of the thesis, such as data collection, research methods, statistical tests, or writing the analysis and results & discussions chapter. For example, a scholar working on a thesis analyzing the effect of macroeconomic factors on stock prices in India may choose to seek our expert consultation solely for the mentioned areas.