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ERA Research Consultancy Unit (For All Disciplines)

ERA Research Consultancy Unit (ERA-RCU) is an exclusive unit which formulates research proposals in various domains to the government/funding agencies/private companies etc.
RCU also guides and supports researchers in various fields of science and engineering. ERA-RCU aims to offer innovative and outstanding analytical process and techniques that assist industries/organizations to achieve better throughput.
Academic Research (PhD.,) is a unique art and it needs lot of interest, patience and skills.
A complete research work involves various tasks such as surveying, problem identification, search to come up with new ideas to overcome the problems, application of identified solution to generate results, thesis writing, etc., A proper guidance and support in all the above mentioned activities would result in a more significant and efficient research.
ERA-RCU is privileged to support and guide the researchers in their research path in various fields of science and engineering. This support and guidance would assist the research scholars in grooming and shaping up their research work in a more formal and efficient manner. ERA-RCU also facilitates the research scholars in providing proper guidance to publish their research articles in appropriate Journals. This would help the research scholar to complete their research work in time. The main streams of ERA-RCU are given below:
1. Formulating research proposals for various social and real world problems
2. Specialized consultancy for funded research projects
3. Understanding the fields of interests and suggesting appropriate research area to the researchers
4. Guidance to the researchers (PhD.,) in formulating their research work and exclusive guidance from experts of International Universities
5. Complete guidance for scripting the complete research work
6. Facilitating the research scholars (PhD.,) for publishing their research articles in appropriate Journals